Several Residential Landscaping Services in Regina

residential Services
residential Services
residential Services

Eden Landscaping provides several residential landscaping services in Regina, from simple updates to completely new installations.

Landscape Design

We provide landscape design for new properties as well as those that need renovations. Our professional team will create a digital blueprint and software simulation to show you what your finished landscape will look like. This allows you to experiment with various plant species, colors, and layouts before creating a finalized plan. Our designers can follow your precise instructions or we can make suggestions based on your preferences, property size, and budget. From small flowerbeds to elaborate gardens, retaining walls, ponds, water features, and more, we can fulfill any landscape design you have in mind.

New Yard Development

Our landscapers also provide new yard development services to finish exteriors surrounding new home construction. After a house is built, the yard usually starts out as nothing more than piles of dirt. Eden Landscaping plants grass seed, shrubs, and trees to fill in the soil, along with flowers, evergreen plants, and more. We also grade, level, and slope the yard as needed to meet your drainage and irrigation goals, and remove any large rocks that are in way for planting. If your new yard requires any hardscaping such as decorative or retaining stone walls, we build these as part of this service as well.

Yard Renovations

We also provide front and backyard renovations for areas of your landscape that could use some TLC or updates. This includes filling in bare patches of grass, replacing or planting additional trees, yard expansions, outdoor lighting installation, and more. We can also build or remodel ponds and water features. From small half acre lost to large rural properties, no job is too big or too small. We listen to your requests and get to know your preferences to ensure your project exceeds your expectations and stays within your budget.

Concrete Installation & Repair

Our Regina landscaping company also provides new concrete installation and repair for driveways, patios, sidewalks, curbs, and garage pads. If you have a newly acquired property, we can build one or more of these areas to complete your home’s exterior. We can also repair cracks, chips, broken sections, and warping in any concrete area to make your property look as good as new.

Sod Installation

Sod installation is also included in our residential landscaping services. Our team begins by carefully measuring the area to ensure we only order the amount of sod needed. Next we prepare the soil by removing all rocks, wood, and roots, and leveling the area. We lay the sod with no overlapping or gaps, staggering the joints between rows. When the sod installation is complete, we finish by watering the lawn to a depth of 10 inches.

Trees & Shrubs

Eden Landscaping also plants trees and shrubs in your front or backyard. Whether you need one tree or several, a common or rare species, we have the plants available to meet your needs.


We also install any type of patio in your yard, from simple square concrete slabs to elaborate stone designs. This includes the construction of pathways, stairways, bench seating, fire pits, and pool decks. We can build your patio with brick, cobblestone, or flagstone and create patterns with uniform or natural cut edges. Our landscapers can create a custom designed space to sit outside with a good book, host a barbeque, or simply enjoy the outdoors.

Paving Stones

Paving stone installation is also an option, including brick, blue stone, and concrete pavers. The design options are limitless, and we can apply paving stones to patios, pathways, driveways, gardens, and more.

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